About the recently security threat issue

About the security threat, I am certainly think they from state-sponsored attacks, as I know, there are lot of social activities , bloggers, Media practitioners,Especially foreign media practitioners and political dissents,all of them at risk of state-sponsored attacks. Authorities want monitor communications, lot of social activities report they face attacks, for example , Hu Jia reported his email was forward to another unknown email address, Ai wei wei reported his local file was missing when he
visit Taiwan. some  Media practitioners also reported they under attacks, such as New York Time reported that Hackers in China Attacked The Times for Last 4 Months .[ chinese version here ]

I am also under Advanced Persistent Threat for years, I am use to be a network engineer, so I knew how to recognize attacks and protect myself. and I make a blog to archive attack email at ,



I am not goalkeeper,just a pose on beach


Test post photo from iPad via WordPress.I am not goalkeeper,just a pose in beach,take by my wife.


Interview / Brazilian journalist

accepted a email interview form Brazilian journalist, copy my answer here:

The Communist Party of China is concluding today the transference of Power to Xi Jinping. As citizen journalism, what are the Chinese people thinking about it?

Zola: I did’t care about CCP much, because they are closed community, but CCP controlled everything in China, we need Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Publish and Freedom of Association, I hope government can protect human rights as another democracy country, hope China became open society, hope there are another party join competition play with CCP,then people like me will getting happy.


How to install Ushahidi on dreamhost server

ushahidi logo small
ushahidi logo

I heard a lot of people talk about Ushahidi, in official site said that The Ushahidi Platform is an open source web application for information collection, vizualisation and interactive mapping, it allows people to collect and share their own stories using various mediums such as SMS, Web Forms, Email or Twitter. so I try to install it on my Dreamhost hosting server. it is have iOS application, it is universal application means work well with iPhone/iPod/iPad once download.

go to then download Ushahidi, unzip,  open readme.html file, check out Required Extensions, Dreamhost offer all of bellowing php extensions:


disable post id increase automatically

wordpress make me in trouble ,for example, when I write blog post online, the post id increase automatically,I try google a solutions in, I get a method finaly, but I am not sure it is work.

copy below code into funtions.php , step by step , wp-amdin –> appearance –> editor –> Theme Functions, added below code

/* 关闭自动保存和修订版本 */
remove_action(‘pre_post_update’, ‘wp_save_post_revision’ );
add_action( ‘wp_print_scripts’, ‘disable_autosave’ );
function disable_autosave() {

I am put this notes here, now post  id is 13, will it increase after save draft ? hope not. let me wait for minutes。

after 30 minutes,modify post many times,

ok, seems it is work now.