About the recently security threat issue

About the security threat, I am certainly think they from state-sponsored attacks, as I know, there are lot of social activities , bloggers, Media practitioners,Especially foreign media practitioners and political dissents,all of them at risk of state-sponsored attacks. Authorities want monitor communications, lot of social activities report they face attacks, for example , Hu Jia reported his email was forward to another unknown email address, Ai wei wei reported his local file was missing when he
visit Taiwan. some  Media practitioners also reported they under attacks, such as New York Time reported that Hackers in China Attacked The Times for Last 4 Months .[ chinese version here ]

I am also under Advanced Persistent Threat for years, I am use to be a network engineer, so I knew how to recognize attacks and protect myself. and I make a blog to archive attack email at ,


I am sure these attack email are state-sponsored, targeted,the email make were carefully constructed messages,attackers have often been known to send PDF files, Office documents, or RAR files with malicious contents. they want people click attachment or links, because there are a lot of undisclosed 0day exploit can occupy my computer,  Microsoft office word, PDF, Internet Explorer, even macintosh platform can exploit, in last year, there are 0day cross platform exploit on Browser java plugin discovered use to
attack me,  I put the story here :

and gmail warning many people increase protection  at last year, because google detect a lot of email attack,

since 2010, I am totally archived 29 malicious emails, provide it to security researchers, and prove I am under state-sponsored Advanced Persistent Threat.

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