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Activist blogger Zhou Shuguang (32) uses a light tone to draw attention to heavy issues plaguing Chinese society. Finding his role as a lone reporter on social topics to be risky, he now teaches others to become citizen reporters as well.

With a triumphant if not plain daring smile, Zhou Shuguang looks into the camera and boasts: ‘I did six pushups and no one jumped in the river!’
The year is 2008 and activist blogger Zhou, better known under his screen name Zola, is in Weng’an, a small town in southern China.   Li Shufen, a 16 year-old local girl had just drowned in the river. According to angry villagers, she was raped by a relative of a local official and then thrown into the river.
The town officials claimed Li jumped into the river herself, while the guy she was with was doing pushups. A rather far-fetched excuse to absolve the town leaders from any connection to Li’s death.
Online anger over the lack of a proper investigation reaches then 26-year old vegetable seller Zola in his rural hometown in Hunan province, over 750 kilometers east of Weng’an. He jumps on his motorcycle, donning yellow sunglasses, and heads over to find out what happened. His goal: to publish the true story of the death of Li Shufen on his blog.
,,Everything changed after that, but it went as I expected”, says Zola from his current home in New Taipei, Taiwan. His website jumped from two hundred visitors to two hundred thousand in a few days.

,,I think many people in China feel as I do, but not many people speak like me. There are no platforms. My goal is to blog about these social issues, to be an independent journalist.”
At the start of the film ‘High Tech, Low Life’ Zola also states another one of his goals: to become famous. Armed only with his Samsung pocket camera, a laptop and a hand written card with his personal details up to his blood type, he has chosen a risky path to fame, by deciding to report on real issues instead of what China’s state television reports as news. That news is ‘crap’, Zola states confidently.

Chinese security authorities hardly back away from measures to silence citizens who publish stories and opinions that contradict what the Party likes to hear. Over the past few years, there has been an increase in house arrests and other sanctions, aimed to intimidate and silence this group.

,,I never think much about the risks”, says Zola. ,,I just do it. I am a special sample. There are not many people like me, who have both the technical skills to blog and the sense for a good story. Everyone can use the internet, but not every vegetable seller can become a blogger.”


About the recently security threat issue

About the security threat, I am certainly think they from state-sponsored attacks, as I know, there are lot of social activities , bloggers, Media practitioners,Especially foreign media practitioners and political dissents,all of them at risk of state-sponsored attacks. Authorities want monitor communications, lot of social activities report they face attacks, for example , Hu Jia reported his email was forward to another unknown email address, Ai wei wei reported his local file was missing when he
visit Taiwan. some  Media practitioners also reported they under attacks, such as New York Time reported that Hackers in China Attacked The Times for Last 4 Months .[ chinese version here ]

I am also under Advanced Persistent Threat for years, I am use to be a network engineer, so I knew how to recognize attacks and protect myself. and I make a blog to archive attack email at ,



I am not goalkeeper,just a pose on beach


Test post photo from iPad via WordPress.I am not goalkeeper,just a pose in beach,take by my wife.


Hello English world!

hi,I am Zola , The Zola, is me! many people said shame on me because  I can’t speak English very well,yes ,I am not always thinking in English, but I will try my best. so,I will record my thinking in English, and want communicate with foreign people,I want to be international. of course, grammar is not important,I think many foreign people will guess,I will keep writing ,reading,talking,my English level will improve. here is my English blog

Ok,let me introduce myself, I was born in 1981, Hunan Province,China, Male, below is my resume,as you guess,it is not writen by me 🙂

Zhou Shuguang, a.k.a. Zola, is a self-taught internet technologist and former network administrator who received his certification as a network engineer in 2004. Since May 2004, Zola has maintained a blog at where he shares often useful and interesting information, occasionally focused on social issues. In 2007, Zola reported on what was being called “the most awesome nail house in history” in Chongqing, subsequently attracting the attention of traditional media. Since then, Zola has participated on the reports of various sensitive stories and breaking news events such as the “Resist P-Xylene Plant” Demonstration in Xiamen, the Yilishen scandal in Shenyang, the “Weng’an Uproar”, the CCTV headquarters fire, the stabbing of a prominent blogger in Qianliexian, and the news of Hangzhou resident Tan Zhuo who was killed by a speeding sports car. By reporting on these and other events, through various social networking platforms, Zola has since received widespread international attention. He is one of the many veterans fighting the censorship of news and Internet restrictions in China. Zola has received interviews by both domestic and international media, and is the subject of much academic discussion in the area of new media. Zola has been invited to Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing University, Tianjin Normal University to exchange with journalism students. Zola continues to host seminars on new media technology in Beijing, Guangzhou and throughout mainland China. At present, Zola has been providing independent blog services and other technical training services for netizens.

okay,now,there is a question, what do you want in this blog? photography? landscape? joke? news? story?  no idea ? no suggestion?  ok,  I should make decision by myself ,I am not sure what is happen in the future, anything will share in this blog.

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