Interview / Brazilian journalist

accepted a email interview form Brazilian journalist, copy my answer here:

The Communist Party of China is concluding today the transference of Power to Xi Jinping. As citizen journalism, what are the Chinese people thinking about it?

Zola: I did’t care about CCP much, because they are closed community, but CCP controlled everything in China, we need Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Publish and Freedom of Association, I hope government can protect human rights as another democracy country, hope China became open society, hope there are another party join competition play with CCP,then people like me will getting happy.

There are also some scholars – including Chinese personalities – which believe that the party would be more authoritarian now with the new chief. Do you believe it tend to be even more censorship?

Zola: I have no idea a bout the new chief. I wish Chinese civil society getting stronger and the  government getting  less powerful, society not depend on new chief personal style like Xi jinping. Chinese people have to try to united or associated to give more pressure and signal to CCP, fighting to freedom of press, fighting to censorship. not beg from the new chief man.

In a short term, the West can expect a more democratic China – with less social inequality and better conditions of life – or people tend to be each time more nationalist closing their eyes to the local problems?

Zola: I think Internet and information technology help people get more and more information already, many people became to make judgement  independently,  I am expecting more democratic China – many people will defense his rights. but the national propaganda machine continue such as CCTV and Global Time works in same time.

 You work with internet and in the movie High Tech Low Life it seems to be the “search of a new world (blogging)” where you would be able to discuss about issues that are not in the mainstream media. How do people receive your message?

Zola:I have a blog here ,and there are many social network service account, such as twitter,youtube,flickr and so on,or some chinese copycat social network platform  , I can distribute content via such social media pipeline, people can follow me via social network or RSS reader. and sometime people will pass my news to friends if I reporting bis social issue.

Blogging from China is also a challenge if we think about the government control. How to face the online censorship? Do you feel intimidated by the police and government?

Zola: yes, my blog blocked in China already, but my activity is legal in China,I am not feel intimidated . they police did not criticize my opinion, but put me under house arrest in some special period such as Beijing olympic game or recently 18th Party Congress, I am not live in China now, now live in Taipei with my wife. if I live in China, the during 18th Party Congress , I won’t go to anywhere in recently weeks.

You have been worldwide exposed with the documentary High Tech Low Life. Do you believe that such kind of movies can help changing the oppression situation in China? What does the Chinese audience say about it?

Zola: I think the documentary movie can not help changing the oppression situation in China, because they movie can not screening in China, even screening in UK, the Chinese embassy ask organizer to cancel they movie.

In the name of development, China has been seen as a country which doesn’t care about environmental costs. Can you tell us what is the most serious environmental issue did you cover latest? (If you have photo, you can also add it)

Zola:Sorry, I didn’t report any issue since I move to Taipei .

For you, what is citizen journalism and why did you decide to risk your life for it?

Zola:for me , just recording and blogging for fun, not really fell risk on my personal view. if I participate local issue I will get big pressure from local authority, in pass years, I did not report and participate local issue,it is shame, in other mean, I am not real political dissidents, I am blogging just for fun.

The Chinese youth seems to be very nationalist and not opened to discuss the problems of the country. You, as a young man, feel kind of lonely in this fight against social injustice?

Zola: your are right,  Chinese youth seems not opened to discuss the problems of the country because censorship, but such discussion is growing on internet, Idealists not feel lonely.

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