Zhou Shuguang, a.k.a. Zola, is a self-taught internet technologist and former network administrator who received his certification as a network engineer in 2004. Since May 2004, Zola has maintained a blog at http://www.zuola.com where he shares often useful and interesting information, occasionally focused on social issues. In 2007, Zola reported on what was being called “the most awesome nail house in history” in Chongqing, subsequently attracting the attention of traditional media. Since then, Zola has participated on the reports of various sensitive stories and breaking news events such as the “Resist P-Xylene Plant” Demonstration in Xiamen, the Yilishen scandal in Shenyang, the “Weng’an Uproar”, the CCTV headquarters fire, the stabbing of a prominent blogger in Qianliexian, and the news of Hangzhou resident Tan Zhuo who was killed by a speeding sports car. By reporting on these and other events, through various social networking platforms, Zola has since received widespread international attention.
He is one of the many veterans fighting the censorship of news and Internet restrictions in China. Zola has received interviews by both domestic and international media, and is the subject of much academic discussion in the area of new media. Zola has been invited to Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing University, Tianjin Normal University to exchange with journalism students. Zola continues to host seminars on new media technology in Beijing, Guangzhou and throughout mainland China. At present, Zola has been providing independent blog services and other technical training services for netizens. Another interview here: http://blog.zuola.com/2013/02/who-is-zola.htm

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I’m writing you from Texas. I just watched the documentary about you on TV tonight. I was very moved by your story. You are doing remarkable, brave work. Best of luck to you.

I do not know how well you understand English so forgive my Mandarin but at least I am trying to make myself understoond.
Just saw, here in US, the story of your problems in China on television. Are they really over now that you have moved to Taiwan since China claims and has claimed for years on end that Tawain is part of China? I hope that you are happier and free of censorship there and you have a free press as well as free speech. I like the scene where the man boldly sang that the people of China are delicious food for the Goverment. My view is that eminent domain laws around the world are barbaric and need to be repealed because they make land ownership an illusion.

One of the big stories that you missed on the mainland is that criminals using the internet in Southern China to threat people around the world with bodily harm, finananical extortion or being murdered . The victims never had corresponded with the crooks, and never have any sort of social interactions with them.

First of all I suspect that your emails are being blocked and watched because in writing this I have had problems with getting through to you several times.
Well now that you are famous—why not fight censorship from outside China for those in China rather than having to fear every minute of your life that some thugs are coming to arrest you because you are excercising your human right of free speech and telling th truth? Also are you the anonymous very brave person who achieved world fame by standing in front of the Tanks in Tiananmen Square and is a hero to freedom and democracy around the world and remembered for this bold brave act. IF not do you know what happened to him.

I just saw your documentary on T.V. here in Canada. It’s very inspiring to see someone who is pushing the buttons and making things happen! I was in Beijing in 2008, right after the Olympics and it was a very interesting city to be in. Keep up the good work! You are doing real, honest journalism.

Cudos from Texas, saw your POV show on my local PBS station last night. I do not pretend to understand the political ramifications of your life but, I do congratulate the courage it takes to stand in the face of adversity, a lone voice in the wilderness. Great Joy to you and your family.

Hi, Zola- I saw the PBS documentary about you and I was really inspired. Keep up the great work and stay safe. WE support you. Thank you for your great work and your inspiration! : ) Davey

我是住在荷蘭的台灣人,看到有關您的記碌片High Tech, Low life 看到您對中國言論自由的努力,很受感動,我支持您!你不是孤獨的。祝您在台灣生活愉快!

Hi Zhou Shuguang! I saw the documentary High Tech, Low Life and was totally blown away by your persistence to become a reporter. Family pressure and government pressure but still following your dream.

I have a lot of respect for what you do and i hope you keep doing this :D. Be safe (are you still in Taiwan?) and keeping showing us the world.



I’m Dana Patranoiu, from Romania.
I’ve just seen “High Tech Low Life” and I’m impressed by your social activism which seemed to have an impact not only on internet but in real life also.

I’d like to ask you several questions for an interview which will be published on mediascop.ro.

Thank you, Dana

Hi Zola,

First of all, i would like to salute your creative work to raise the voice of people suffering under Chinese regime. last night i have watched your documentary “High Tech and low life”. It was simply great one! On behalf of our Tibetan brother and sisters, i must thank you for your bravery and noble work. Keep it up!!!
So howz your family doing?

Thank you,
From New York.

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