How to export your blog article from google reader?

step by step:

  1. Locate your blog rss address ,ex:
  2. Make a simple web page, add code with below format : <a href=”” >save as atom </a> , red block is your blog rss address,replace it with your rss address,  green block is your maximum article number,you can change it to 10,000 if you want;
  3. Login to with your google account;
  4. Open your web page , click   “save as atom ” with right button,then you get a atom format file ,another simple ways is, sent a mail to yourself, body is a link like this , click   “save as atom ” with right button when you receive your email.
  5. upload atom format file to your own site, get a link
  6. Going to ,Specify your atom format file location URL, convert it ,get rss format file,transform done.
  7. Finally, we get all of your blog article with rss format, we can import to most blog ,include wordpress ,or

That idea is from you xu ‘s  ,source code form here:  ,I can’t run correctly in my server, so a write a manually method doing same thing, hope it give some help to you.

Xuyou has export Aiweiwei’s sina blog from google reader :

here link is a backup of Aiweiwei’s sina blog :


about non government organization in China

A few days ago, I was met a guy from Facebook, he were know my name after Hillary Clinton Speech ,and give me lot of praises, and will give me some help if I need. I said, I just do something for fun,for myself, maybe sometimes is also useful for other people. of course I need money, but I am always do something by single person, I can’t accept money from foreign NGO, if I build a team or organization to accept donations,may get arrest and questions . Independents individual or organizaion it is very difficult to live  in China ,will get financial problem, and policy problem form government, Chinese government do a lot of  research about NGO to make sure that there isn’t risk form independent organization , to make sure everything under the control.

In China, independent person was called dissidents, independent organization was called “illegal organization”, both of them will get trouble.


Hello English world!

hi,I am Zola , The Zola, is me! many people said shame on me because  I can’t speak English very well,yes ,I am not always thinking in English, but I will try my best. so,I will record my thinking in English, and want communicate with foreign people,I want to be international. of course, grammar is not important,I think many foreign people will guess,I will keep writing ,reading,talking,my English level will improve. here is my English blog

Ok,let me introduce myself, I was born in 1981, Hunan Province,China, Male, below is my resume,as you guess,it is not writen by me 🙂

Zhou Shuguang, a.k.a. Zola, is a self-taught internet technologist and former network administrator who received his certification as a network engineer in 2004. Since May 2004, Zola has maintained a blog at where he shares often useful and interesting information, occasionally focused on social issues. In 2007, Zola reported on what was being called “the most awesome nail house in history” in Chongqing, subsequently attracting the attention of traditional media. Since then, Zola has participated on the reports of various sensitive stories and breaking news events such as the “Resist P-Xylene Plant” Demonstration in Xiamen, the Yilishen scandal in Shenyang, the “Weng’an Uproar”, the CCTV headquarters fire, the stabbing of a prominent blogger in Qianliexian, and the news of Hangzhou resident Tan Zhuo who was killed by a speeding sports car. By reporting on these and other events, through various social networking platforms, Zola has since received widespread international attention. He is one of the many veterans fighting the censorship of news and Internet restrictions in China. Zola has received interviews by both domestic and international media, and is the subject of much academic discussion in the area of new media. Zola has been invited to Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing University, Tianjin Normal University to exchange with journalism students. Zola continues to host seminars on new media technology in Beijing, Guangzhou and throughout mainland China. At present, Zola has been providing independent blog services and other technical training services for netizens.

okay,now,there is a question, what do you want in this blog? photography? landscape? joke? news? story?  no idea ? no suggestion?  ok,  I should make decision by myself ,I am not sure what is happen in the future, anything will share in this blog.

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