interview with Lisette van Engelen

Lisette van Engelen  was sent me email to ask some question, I also copy my answer below:

  1. In the movie you go to the murdered and raped girls and to the people whose houses are destroyed. How do you know what is going on? How do you know where you have to go to report the social problems?
    I read a lot of story and have sense to know which one is important and will be forbidden to report on mainstream media. I am behalf myself, I can report on my blog
  2. What happened to you after the Arab Spring? Did the government also talk to you such as to the other activitst in the movie?
    I am did nothing after the Arab Spring, I am not expect a revolution, did not involve Jasmine Revolution in China, because the economy still growth ,the unemployment rate not high in City, farmer also work in city, difficult make noise, and, revolution will bring a lot of violence , and have to rebuild culture after revolution even win. I hope civil society became strong and can handle society management after economy going down , I think society will be chaos after economy down before democracy come. I expect the democracy soft landing than hard landing.
  3. I heard you now live in Taiwan. Are you still going to China to make blogposts about the situation there?
    yes, I still blog issue on blog, January I were came back to home village and report  forced imposition lands issue, see
  4. Do you think you are watched by the Chinese government when you are in Taiwan? And do you think they watch you while you are here in the Netherlands?
    I think I am watched by Chinese police. they follow my blog and twitter, but I don’t care, welcome be my audience, and I have chance to do some influence as possible as I can. of course, some activities won’t be blog if need:)
  5. Are you and your family still safe in China now this movie is in the theaters?
    of course my family is safe, no one threat my family because my activity.  and I am not the real dissident  like tradition activist. I am always encourage people involve social issue to make Citizen Participation real.
  6. What do you think about us, in Europe, making such a fuss about the situation in China, while we can’t do anything about it?
    Thank you pay attention to me, I won’t thank you pay attention to China because I can’t behalf China 🙂 I think we should remind people the Communism created a lot of suffering in history, Don’t make dictator be real, Don’t give up rights to make dictator appear.
  7. How are your parents?
    my father and mother getting older, live in countryside.
  8. How is life in Taiwan? Are there the same problems as in China?
    Taiwan is much better:)
  9. Did the Chinese government do anything to stop you making this movie?
    Chinese government did not try to stop making, but try to stop screening in Sheffield Doc/Fest

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