Interview:My experience and knowledge in circumvention tech

An organization name is OpenITP invite me to join a circumvention meeting on Twitter, and have to interview with me,they said interview on skype but change to in email without explain,I don’t know why, maybe they very busy. and finally they refuse travel grant. bellow are some questions from OpenITP and answer from me:

  1. Can you share your name and what you do?
    Zola: yes, My name is Zhou Shuguang (aka. Zola ) ,I am a Chinese blogger. below is my biography , another biography at
    Zhou Shuguang, a.k.a. Zola, is a self-taught internet technologist and former network administrator who received his certification as a network engineer in 2004. Since May 2004, Zola has maintained a blog at
    where he shares often useful and interesting information, occasionally focused on social issues. In 2007, Zola reported on what was being called “the most awesome nail house in history” in Chongqing, subsequently attracting the attention of traditional media. Since then, Zola has participated on the reports of various sensitive stories and breaking news events such as the “Resist P-Xylene Plant” Demonstration in Xiamen, the Yilishen scandal in Shenyang, the “Weng’an Uproar”, the CCTV headquarters fire, the stabbing of a prominent blogger in Qianliexian, and the news of Hangzhou resident Tan Zhuo who was killed by a speeding sports car. By reporting on these and other events, through various social networking platforms, Zola has since received widespread international attention. He is one of the many veterans fighting the censorship of news and Internet restrictions in China. Zola has received interviews by both domestic and international media, and is the subject of much academic discussion in the area of new media. Zola has been invited to Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing University, Tianjin Normal University to exchange with journalism students. Zola continues to host seminars on new media technology in Beijing, Guangzhou and throughout mainland China. At present, Zola has been providing independent blog services and other technical training services for netizens.
  2. What are the current problems facing Asia in regards to censorship and surveillance?
    Zola: I am Chinese, I only face censorship in China. I have experience on internet censorship. In China, people create content on Internet, will be filter key words before publish, or get punishment after publish sensitive content , for example , account get freeze few days,or delete account directly. If I am website owner in China, my web site have to register to authority , if authority found any sensitive content or any key words, I will get a message from authority to ask remove content.  If my website host on foreign country, the Great Firewall will block the site who frequently include sensitive content, my personal blog was blocked in China. there are four level of censor by Great Firewall: key words filtration;  URL filtration; IP blocking; DNS Poisoning.  My website experienced all of method from Great Firewall, and I make a paper to introduce Internet Censor Solutions and Anti Solutions in 2009 March:
  3. What circumvention tools are used in Asia?
    Zola: VPN, Tor, OTR, Google two step verification,Goagent, Psiphon,Freegate, yourfreedom,Hotspot Shield, Suqid Proxy, and so on.
  4. What are the problems you most see with tools? (For example UX is bad)
    lot of free tools face problem are become invalid, because GFW detect unknown traffic then block it.
  5. What advice/comments do you want to share with circumvention tech community?
    Zola: Hope a browser plugin and VPN client can be customize, Configure some parameter then genera a package to allow people can distribute again.
  6. Any news/current event you think its important for people to know about?
    Zola: most sensitive content was deleted. this is too bad, we need archive it. this is my anti censorship Strategy,archive it, not only circumvent.
  7. What issues/topics do you think the 2013 Hong Kong Summit should focus on? 
    I need know how to protect personal communication by GPG or PGP, how to use it in Gmail?
  8. Anything else you want to add?
    May I introduce the Internet Censor Solutions and Anti Solutions ? if so, I will submit a paper in English version.

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